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La La Land #Overrated

The other day I went to see La La Land. I was very excited to see the film. After I read some reviews and heard few interviews on TV, my expectations were very high! Unfortunately, after the first scene, which I think was probably the best of the whole musical/film it all went down the hill.

The story is about a guy (Ryan Gosling), who wants to open his own jazz club and a girl (Emma Stone), who wants to become an actress. After bumping into each other a few times they started dating. Shall I tell you how it ends? I am very tempted, but no I will let you find out and judge yourself!

It is a very nice story especially for people like me who have the same aspiration. I totally understand what they were going through to follow their dreams and make them come true. However, it was not a revolutionary story, which is not what disappointed me. My real disappointment was that it did not WOW me, at all! I know the story per se is nothing special, but because it is a musical I was expecting better singing and dancing. Considering how much it has been publicised I thought that it was going to be a great film. The two main actors are stunning, he is handsome, she is gorgeous, but in my opinion not musical actors.

The film starts by introducing her character to the audience in this scene where her flatmates are singing and dancing stupendously, she barely danced and there was no singing involved whatsoever. At that moment I got the feeling she was not very good at it. Even if you are not Len Goodman, you can pretty much see she was quite a broom with her dance moves. To be honest with you guys, Judy Murray would have been better than her; if you are a Strictly Come Dancing fan then you know what I am talking about. Her singing was always on a quite high pitch, always the same tone, she was not going either higher or lower. After her, it is Ryan's character turn. He was a little bit better in the singing and also in the dancing. Though, I wonder if it was him playing the piano or not. Maybe he was just pretending, which is fair enough it's a film, but let’s be positive and say it was him.

I sometimes wonder why did they choose those actors? There are so many others who could have done a better job. Like, Anna Kendrick, Zac Efron, just saying. And these are just two names I have on top of my head. Or, even better, why not give the chance to two actors who are not known who can sing and dance and act. I am pretty sure there are plenty. Obviously, this is not possible. This is HOLLYWOOD and if the actors are not known you won’t have the same audience figures.

The soundtrack is very catchy, very nice, I really enjoyed it. So much so I kept singing it all the way back home.

Overall a nice film, and if you do not expect a WOW factor you will enjoy it! However, in my opinion it is not a Oscar Winning film!

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