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Audience reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe 
for my latest solo show 
"It's all my mother's fault!"

Romina has such a relaxed conversational style that made it feel more like we were sat round a table listening to her darkly comic story of her immensely difficult mother in a pub. She wasn't afraid to address taboos and peppered her story with dirty jokes, both of which were delivered endearingly. A bittersweet story told with warmth.
From the start, I felt like I was catching up with a hilarious old pal. Darkly humorous stories of a terrible mother, and hilarious observations about Romina’s life. Highly recommended. Belly laughs. This is what the Edinburgh Fringe is about.
@rominapuma #mothersfault @edfringe one of our last shows of the fringe, not many of us in, but boy did we have some fun, belly laughs and big hugs. Heading for the top. Watch this space.
Just seen Romina‘s show. Her incredible story alongside her witty straight delivery really made me reflect on the consequence of every action. I highly recommend it!
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"It's All My Mother's Fault!"
Romina Puma comes back and is darker than ever!

It's a show about love, or the lack of it, a show about a child longing to be cared for by her mother while having to care for her, and about selfishness as a last means of survival...What's not to laugh about?


Audience Quotes
"Your honesty is
"Hilarious and brilliant!"
"Very funny show. Loved it."
And I thought my mother was a bitch..! 
Funny, touching, awkward and lovely
Poignant, funny, and a lot filthier than I remember from seeing her in London

It's all my mother's fault!


Just saw our 1st show at @edfringe @rominapuma doing Its All My Mother’s Fault. Dark comedy , interesting and funny- I recommend #MothersFault
I enjoyed the show, I found it original and witty outside the cliche' of mother and daughter.
Everyone who has/had a mother should see this show... Batter if you are a mother too

Not disabled...Enough!


Romina Puma_Not Disabled Enough_Edfringe

Cook it how you like it's still a potato!


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