"Vivacious, cheeky and gregarious, an Italian Jenny Eclair" - Views from the Gods


Romina was born in Germany and at the age of nine she moved to Italy and to London in 2010. She started to perform in Italy in a small theatre company and in 2009 she started doing comedy.


In 2012 she created a mixed Italian and English comedy lab called Puma Comedy to introduce Italian audiences to stand-up comedy. Since 2013 she also started to perform in English.


She has under her belt three solo shows which she performed at multiple Fringe Festival across the country.

- 2015 "Not disabled...Enough!"

- 2016 "Cook it how you like, it's still a potato!" 

- 2018 "It's all my mother's fault!"

She also beat and won the Blackout at Up the Creek in London and beat the Frog and Bucket in Manchester. And she made it into the "One to watch" list of Funny Women 2016.

Since she started she performed not only in Italy and London, but also around the UK, Lanzarote, Berlin and New York. 

She is also a campaigner mainly known for the one about Sex and  Disability. 

She took part in the Scope's campaign #EndtheAwkward and made several TV appearances. She also is a campaigner for the MDUK and MDUK Trailblazers


She made it into the Shaw Trust Power List 100 in 2019 and 2020